We have the power to imagine better


photo by Risa Rodil

First, how amazing is this image?! I found it on Pinterest, followed the link and found the crazy talented Risa Rodil. You have to check out her art!

Back to the topic at hand.

Let’s talk about change. We all have the ability to create change. The way you interact with others, the way you view the world, it all contributes to creating a better place for tomorrow. We all have magic inside us, we just need to let it out. So how do we initiate change?

We can initiate change with our actions. Be kind to others. Treat them with respect. Speak up when you witness injustice. Always remember that relationships are more important than money. Be awesome.

That is how you create change. Be your wonderful, caring self. We are all responsible for creating a brighter place for those that come after us. So get to it.

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I have a confession…

I have a confession to make. This isn’t an easy one to make. It is a little embarrassing and some will laugh or mock me. But, regardless of the repercussions, I feel compelled to share.

I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

There. I said it. Go ahead and laugh. I don’t even care. I love that darn show. Shutterfly, Rainbow Dash and the gang all brighten my day and always manage to teach me some type of life lesson (usually about friendship). I am what people in the fandom call a pegasister. Look it up.


I find the show to be well written, entertaining, funny, and it teaches great values. Some may say I am too old for the show but to them I ask, have you ever even watched it? If not then I recommend you do. Somehow this show has bridged the gap between age and gender to connect with people of all kinds. That is pretty darn special.

It makes me really sad to hear that guys get judged and even bullied because of their love for My Little Pony. I would much rather date a guy that watched a show about kindness and friendship then a dude that plays violent video games where they beat up hookers and kill people. Is that just me?

I mean seriously. We say “boys will be boys” when men watch violent movies or show acts of aggression but if they show any type of compassion they are called a little girl and made fun of. How does that make any sense? We have constructed gender roles for both women and men and then criticize people who don’t fit into our beautifully packaged gender boxes. News flash: gender isn’t black and white. It is linear. It is a continuum. You may lean one way or the other, but no one is strictly “male” or “female”.

Sorry for the rant for a second. I recently watched a documentary on the “brony” phenomenon and it really opened my eyes to the lack of societal acceptance towards men who enjoy My Little Pony. 

But I digress. I really enjoy the show and get excited when I see young girls who love the ponies. Most television shows aimed at young kids involve teen stars or kids getting into crazy shenanigans. It makes me really happy that there is a show out there that demonstrates the power of friendship. My Little Pony is an excellent show for all ages and I really hope you give it a chance.


P.s. interested in watching the documentary on bronies? You can watch it on Netflix. Below is the trailer.


Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: “Derek”

Hello Lovelies,

When I find something absolutely amazing I always feel compelled to share. That is how I felt upon finishing the show, “Derek.”

Derek %22be good%22

It is a mixture of comedy, kindness, and love. I don’t know how else to explain it. The titular character, Derek, works at an assisted living home with the manager, Hannah. He continually surprises you with his generosity and kindness.


If you ever need to feel like there is goodness in the world, like there is light, watch “Derek.” I enjoyed Ricky Gervais before watching this show but my love and admiration for him has completely changed and grown. This show is refreshing. In a time where I can watch a “reality show” on any channel on any given day that goes on about people that are ignorant, racist, sexist etc. it feels good to be able to watch a show where the main character just wants to love everyone. He doesn’t care if you are religious. He doesn’t care about your age. He just wants to help and be your friend. This is probably the first time in a long time that I felt like a better person after finishing a show.

Watch the trailer which will make you want to watch the show. Trust me. You will absolutely love it. Be warned that there are a few risque parts but overall the show is sweet and hilarious. You can watch episodes of “Derek” on Netflix.

Kindness really is magic and I hope today you spread a little magic in the world.


Cutie Cameras’ Choice Cuts: Never Grow Up

Hello Lovelies!! Today I would love to share this beautiful image I found on Pinterest. Never Grow Up I absolutely love the story of Peter Pan. I think at some point we all feel like we don’t want to grow up. We want to be care-free kids forever. But that isn’t how the world works. We grow up, we have children of our own and eventually we leave this earth. What truly matters is what we do with the time we have. In the story of Peter Pan, Wendy changes the lives of those little lost boys. She saves them. She brings them home and her parents adopt them. She made the world a better place for being in it. The story of Peter Pan is one that I have always enjoyed; from the book to the animated movie, the live-action version staring Jeremy Sumpter, to Hook, and the telling of its creation in Finding Neverland. I love them all! The story of Peter Pan transports me to a new world where mermaids and pirates are real and with happy thoughts, and a little fairy dust, I can fly.

I hope to always believe in the magic that this world processes. While mermaids and unicorns may not be real, still on the fence about unicorns, I know that there is magic out there and I will forever believe.

I do believe in fairies. Do you?

P.s. Fletch totally dressed up as Peter Pan when he proposed to me and had my ring on a thimble inside of a Tardis box. Adorable, right? Engaged!   Please enjoy this song by Eisley.