We have the power to imagine better


photo by Risa Rodil

First, how amazing is this image?! I found it on Pinterest, followed the link and found the crazy talented Risa Rodil. You have to check out her art!

Back to the topic at hand.

Let’s talk about change. We all have the ability to create change. The way you interact with others, the way you view the world, it all contributes to creating a better place for tomorrow. We all have magic inside us, we just need to let it out. So how do we initiate change?

We can initiate change with our actions. Be kind to others. Treat them with respect. Speak up when you witness injustice. Always remember that relationships are more important than money. Be awesome.

That is how you create change. Be your wonderful, caring self. We are all responsible for creating a brighter place for those that come after us. So get to it.

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Spread love wherever you go

021515 Spread loveYou are wonderful and you have the ability to be a positive force in someone’s life. A simple hello or surprise cup of coffee can make someone’s day. I’ve had days where the kindness of others changed my day. I remember when I lost my job my friend Jessica took me down to sit and have coffee with me. I was devastated and felt like I had failed somehow. Jessica knew how sad I was and wanted to help ease my pain. Her act of kindness and her compassion helped me get past the whole thing. She helped me realize that it was a good change for me. I will forever be grateful for all of the love she has given me over the last few years.

Have you ever had a really rough, awful day that was changed thanks to the kindness of someone else? I bet you have.

Think back on those moments and remember how truly moving they were. A simple hello or even someone recognizing when you seem down can bring about change.  You can be the sunshine in another person’s day. You can change another person’s life just by being the wonderful person you are.

Spread some love and be amazing.

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It’s the little things in life


Sometimes the most meaningful moments in our lives are the littlest. The smile from a stranger on a bad day. The surprise coffee from a co-worker because they thought of you.

Today I want to tell you about a very sweet person that has been very supportive of me both personally and professionally.

I was feeling stuck. Like my routine was wearing me down and I got into some type of rut. I go to work,  come home, eat, watch TV, blog, go to sleep. The next day was a repeat. It wasn’t until I received a small gift from a co-worker/friend that I opened my eyes to how truly lucky I was for that routine. I was sitting at my desk when a co-worker gave me an envelope addressed to me.

Inside was a notebook. A notebook with a beautiful vintage camera on it and a sticky note on top saying, “Saw this… thought of you” signed with her name. It meant so much to me that she not only keeps up with my blog but that she recognized the things I really enjoy.  Then, while out in the world, she found something that she thought I might like and bought it!

Wow. That is just the best. These are the small things in life that make me the happiest. Such a simple, innocent act but something that meant so much to me. To have someone think of me, well that is just one of the nicest things you could do.

So to you, the person that thinks of others and does little things for people just because, I thank you. I thank you on behalf of myself and on behalf of all of the others that have experienced your kindness.

Thank you for being you and thank you for making the world a little brighter just by being in it.

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Recognizing Those That go Unnoticed

I recently wrote a piece for the Kindness Blog! Check out their amazing blog for some great inspiration!

Kindness Blog

Recognizing Those That go Unnoticed

by Hilary Joyner

I work at a job in an office from 8am – 5pm. I arrive at a clean office everyday and don’t think twice about it. I make my coffee, have my breakfast and get to work. I’ve grown accustomed to the clean space I’ve been used to and never really think about how it got that way.

Over the last few weeks I have had more interactions with the wonderful person responsible for my happy office space. A woman that spends her evenings making sure that my days are clean and comfortable. Every time I see her she compliments me. “Your hair is adorable sweetie!'” “Your hair is beautiful!” “Honey you look great!”

There have been days where I find myself moping through the hallways. I catch a bad angle of myself and see my imperfections. I think about all the things I…

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