May Love List


Hello Lovelies!!

It’s time for this month’s love list!! Every month I compile a list of my favorite posts online and share them with you! Now, lets get to it!

I love this post by Rosie at A Red Lip and a Nude Shoe! She took a photo every hour for an entire day. Such a good idea!

I’m loving the way Kimi at Twenty-Something Simple styled this dress. So cute!

Hello Giggles shared this amazing art project titled, “Abandoned Love”.

I’m diggin’ this BuzzFeed post sharing how ridiculous casual sexism is.

I love this post with eight tips for staying productive!

Dana of Wonder Forest offers up 6 solutions for when things aren’t going your way.

Becky shares her reasons for blogging and the reality that there is no wrong reason to blog. Do what makes you happy!

Did you find any awesome posts this month that you want to share? Let me know in the comments!

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My way of saying thank you

Thank You!-01

Hello Lovelies!

By now I truly hope you know how much I appreciate you. If you don’t then you need to know, I appreciate you!!!!! Each and every single one of you make the time and effort I put into blogging so incredibly worth while. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of you in person and I’ve connected with some of you via other social sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) but I don’t feel like I’ve had the opportunity to really SHOW how much I appreciate you.

So, I would like to write you a personalized thank you note. That is right. It may take some time but I would love to write to you and say thank you. I want to emphasize that I am here to connect with you and build relationships. A handwritten note is a perfect way to do so! (Don’t you think?)

If you are interested in receiving a handwritten note from me then either comment below with your name and address or shoot me an email at cutiecameras(at) If you comment with your information I will not publish it. This is not a scam and I will not add you to any type of list. This is just to send you a little thank you.

I can’t wait to write to you! Be sure to connect with me on Instagram too so we can keep in touch (my main squeeze)!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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My big win at Texas Style Council and my journey there

Hello Lovelies,

I already told you briefly about my experience at Texas Style Council last month but there was a specific moment that I want to share more about with you. Before I can tell you about this exciting moment on my last day at the event I have to first tell you what lead up to it.


photo by Chelsea Laine Francis

You may already know about my love for ModCloth. If you don’t then you can read more about it here, here, and most of my wish list or outfit posts I’ve done. So, reading my blog it is pretty obvious that I have a deep seeded love for ModCloth. It isn’t just the adorable things they sell; it is about their values. They recently signed an anti-photoshoppping pledge because they want to help fight bodyshaming. They want their customers to see real women in their ads and on their site. I think that is pretty awesome. Plus they just picked their latest #Fashiontruth Monthly Spotlight winner and it is the super stylish Rye! Rye is transgender and shares a ton of her styles on ModCloth’s Style Gallery. I’ve always enjoyed Rye’s style and I’m glad she is getting some recognition. Plus, I love that they are getting Rye’s story out there. There is a lot of stigmas out there about being transgender and I think educating people is the first step towards making change happen. Way to go Rye for being awesome and thank you to ModCloth for introducing her to so many!!

So, I have a lot of love for ModCloth. When I was thinking about attending Texas Style Council I entered a contest for a free ticket to attend. I figured if the stars aligned I would win the ticket and figure out how I would get there later. Unfortunately I didn’t win and decided that the expense was going to be too great. Between the cost of the convention, the plane ticket, and everything else it just wasn’t in my budget.

I stared at their website for days just wishing I could attend. I knew it would be terrifying (traveling all the way to Austin alone to be surrounded by people I don’t know) but completely rewarding. I was bummed but I accepted that I wouldn’t get to go.

That is until I received an email from Indiana Adams, one of the two awesome ladies that put on Texas Style Council. She had gone through her HUGE list of entries for the free ticket and picked out a hand full of bloggers that she felt needed to attend. I was one of them!! WHAT?!?! I can honestly say I blushed and made a loud screeching noise as I read the email (which is now printed and in my memory box). Indiana made one last offer, 50% off to come to the conference. I was honored and moved by her words.This is what she said, “Hilary, I don’t think you live close to Texas, but your style is adorable and I think this is your tribe, lady. ModCloth is one of our sponsors and they’re going to LOVE you.” Yup. I nearly cried. She not only took the time to go through over 100 entries but she chose me as one of the people that needed to attend. Wow…

I was so excited that I decided to forward the email to my parents. They have been my champions throughout my blogging journey and I wanted to share the sweet words with them. Almost immediately I got a phone call from my mother saying, “You have to go. How do we make it happen?” With the help of my amazing parents I was able to buy my ticket, use airline miles for my flight, and they used their Hilton Honors points for a hotel for the one night I needed one. It truly meant the world to me.

So I was off! It was done. I got to go to Texas Style Council! The first night there we had a craft night. One of the tasks we had to do was go introduce ourselves to Indiana and get our first few badges for the weekend. I of course thought she wouldn’t know me, so as I walked up I was fully prepared to introduce myself. Instead she immediately recognized me, stood up from her seat and gave me a big hug while saying, “hi!” I was not expecting that. She knew me! I thanked her for all of her help with getting me there and then she asked if I had visited the ModCloth booth. Again surprised that she not only knew me but remembered my love for ModCloth. I told her I hadn’t and she pointed to the booth and told me, “Go now! Go talk to them!”

Again, wow. I felt so special. I wanted to scream, or cry, because I was so happy. So I went over there. I introduced myself to their awesome representative, Jasmine, and expressed my interest in ModCloth. She told me about the affiliate program, handed me her card, and encouraged me to enter their contest. You had to “name the dress” that they had displayed. If you won you received the dress and a super cute yellow bag. I was having a brain fart. I stood there for a few minutes just staring at the dress trying to come up with a witty name. I landed on “What Does the Fox Wear” and threw my entry in their box.

I forgot about it the rest of the weekend. That is until Sunday.

Sunday we had our last event. They recognized a few people and announced the winners for the contests going on throughout the weekend. As Jasmine went up to the stage to stand with Indiana I got a knot in my stomach. See, they were running another contest where you enter a photo and you could win $150 to the store. I was crossing my fingers that I would win.

First they announced the winner for naming the dress contest. Again, I forgot I even entered. That is until they started reading my entry. I sunk in my seat because I was so astonished. ME! I won!! Everyone at my table erupted in cheers. They knew my love for the shop and were super excited for me!

modcloth win

Indiana brought me up on stage and told everyone about our emails leading up to Texas Style Council. How she told me ModCloth was going to be there and how I HAD to come. I was blown away!

ModCloth Purse

The dress I named is now up on the store and makes me feel so proud. I feel like I’ve contributed to the site in some way.

the dress I named

This whole experience has been a pretty big highlight. I am not really sure how anything could top it!

Thank you to Indiana for helping me get to Texas Style Council. Your words of encouragement were just what I needed to make the decision to go. Also, thank you to my parents for helping make it happen. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Lastly, to Jasmine and ModCloth, thank you. Thank you for being a company I rely on to have outstanding morals. Thank you for loving your customers and always striving to have amazing customer service. You made me even more dedicated to your brand.

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