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You can also reach out to me via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook with my screen name @cutiecameras.

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  1. Hi! I have been trying to find some information on my mothers old Argus Lady carefree camera and I came across this blog! If you know anything about the Lady Carefree camera that has fabric on the front, that would be helpful!! Also I saw the Argus Lady Carefree Elite camera on e-bay right now, if you haven’t already found it. Good luck hunting!! I love that girl scout camera BTW!!


    • First off, thank you for stopping by! I am so glad you found my blog! Do you know if the camera works? (or how to check if it works?) Also, I have not found one yet so I will have to check out Ebay!! As you may have seen I really want one.

      When I was hunting around the internet I couldn’t find too much information on the camera. From what I can tell it is from the 1960s and takes 126 film. Here us some info about Argus that may provide value:
      I hope that helps! If you want more information or need help figuring out if it works just let me know! Feel free to email me.


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