May Wish List

May Wish List-01


  1. Melty Ice Cream Tank Dress / Sourpuss Clothing
  2. Sweet Talk Bangle /
  3. Mini Emerald Cut Stacking Ring /Ariel Gordon
  4. From Paris with Love Dress / Bonne Chance Collections
  5. Mini Macaron Heart Earrings / Etsy- FemmeDeBloom
  6. Molly Macaron Smock Dress / Mod Dolly
  7. Shimmer Bangle – Gold /
  8. Ice Cream Cone Measuring Spoons / Urban Outfitters
  9. Mischief Managed Tank / Jordandene

I found a ton of cute stuff this past month. I am really loving the stores Bonne Chance Collections, FemmeDeBloom’s Etsy shop, and Jordandene’s shop (I’ve purchased one tank so far). I totally recommend you checking out these shops and taking a gander at their adorable merchandise.

What are you favorite shops right now?

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April Wish List

Hello Lovelies!

It is time again for a wish list!! I hope you enjoy all of the adorable stuff I’m sharing. Happy April!April Wish List-01

  1. Bio Grande Dress / ModCloth
  2.  Barcelona Post Earrings / Etsy
  3. Corgeek Tote Bag / Cafe Press
  4. Nothin’ But Affectionate Dress / ModCloth
  5. Meow for Measuring Cups / ModCloth
  6. Triangle Ring / Fab
  7. You and Eyesome Dress / ModCloth
  8. Strawberry Coin Purse / asos

What do you think of my latest finds?

Affiliate links are included in this post.

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March Wish List

I’m sorry for getting this out so late! I usually try to share my wish list right around the beginning of the month and with my birthday and my dear friend’s wedding things have been a bit hectic. Anywho, this month’s wish list features a ton of ModCloth pieces along with some adorable pieces from Larmoni and Mod Dolly.March Wish List-01

  1. Deep Ocean Whale Dress / Larmoni 
  2. Bow ‘Em the Ropes / ModCloth
  3. Lovecats Ring / Catbird
  4. Alice Skater Dress in mint triangle / Mod Dolly
  5. Dorothy Tartan Pinafore / Mod Dolly
  6. For Sweets’ Sake Bag / ModCloth
  7. Lola Vintage Blue Rose Print Smock / Mod Dolly
  8. Little Deer Prints Dress / Larmoni
  9. Cents You Been Gone Bank / ModCloth
  10. Embrace the Mess Spoon Rest Set / ModCloth

I hope you enjoyed this month’s wish list! I will be back again next month with another list of things I love (and hope you love too)!!

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February/Birthday Wish List

Hello Lovelies,

This month I am sharing some of my favorite Etsy finds! I absolutely adore supporting artists and think Etsy is a great way to do so. That is why I am sharing items from Etsy for this special birthday month edition of my wish lists.


All photos were taken from product listings and links to the products are included below.

1. This Ladybirdlikes Wooden Laser Cut Banner Necklace is amazing!! I just love everything in that shop!
2. This is a bow from the Bownuts Cafe and it is adorable!! I think this bow would look amazing with a cute pink dress.
3. Twinkie Chan’s creations are amazing! I mean, look at how cute this Cupcake Coffee Cozy is! Talk about fancying up a drink.
4. I’ve shared this necklace before but I love it so much I felt I needed to share it again. It is a wooden camera necklace. WHHAAT? How cute is that?
5. I recently discovered this shop; FemmeDeBloom. These little cupcake earrings are the perfect accent for a simple outfit.
6. Peter Pan is one of my favorite books. That is why I love this print! Wouldn’t it look cute above your desk?
7. So.. I love the show Parks and Recreation which is why I think this print is just the coolest! It is a print of Amy Poehler’s character during the Pawnee Goddess episode.
8. So, this is the best print of Dwight Schrute I have ever seen. It is by the amazingly talented Kate of sweet and lovely.
9. I first discovered this artist at Comicon. Brittney Lee is incredibly talented and I just love her work!
10. Ron Swanson is possibly my favorite character from Parks and Recreations and this print perfectly sums up his character.
11. This print includes one of my favorite quotes from the IT Crowd. If you haven’t seen the show then you should probably look it up. 🙂
12. I adore these headbands!!! I want to get one and I will call it my party headband.
13. You probably know by now that I LOVE vintage cameras and I LOVE this shop. Everything in High Places Photography is amazing but this working Sabre 620 stood out the most. Isn’t it perfect?

So that is my wish list for this month!!! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite Etsy finds. What have you found on Etsy recently?

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