Another camera to check off of my vintage camera wish list!!

Hello Lovelies,

As you may know, I am a bit of a camera fiend. My collection has grown over the past few years from a few old cameras that I used as decoration to an entire bookcase filled with cameras and others displayed around our apartment.

I know that I have a lot of cameras but there are still so many that I want!! Maybe I just need a bigger home.. anyways. Today I want to tell you about my newest additions to my collection. You may remember my vintage camera wish list that I created a while back. So far I have got two of the cameras off of the list! Woo!


I previously did a post about the super awesome Kodak Rainbow Hawkeye Vest camera that was on my list and now I am sharing about my two new Argus cameras!!! My super awesome sister-in-law sent us a package and I started screaming when I opened it. I held the camera bag close to my person and silently “wooed” (yes that is a thing). I had been wanting an Argus for a long time and I got not one but two along with a ton of accessories, cases, AND a camera case. It was an amazing box to open.

I am so thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life that will encourage my collecting habits. Thank you so much Shelly for my amazing gift and I can’t wait to share them with others in the future!

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How a collection begins

It started with one and grew to many.

My camera collection began when I decided that I wanted to try out a few different toy cameras. I found a great site called Four Corner Store and they sold a ton of adorable toy cameras that I just had to have. So I started with a few cute little ones then it expanded to vintage cameras. I thought some vintage cameras would accent the apartment nicely. I never planned on started a collection. I just wanted some cool cameras and now I have a lot of cool cameras. (Yeah me!)

camera collection main area

I really enjoy the look of vintage pieces in a comfy, cozy home. I’ve been slowly building up with my collection. So now I collect cameras and absolutely adore it. I love the hunt of finding a great deal on a lovely piece. I also love having a “go to” gift from friends. Buy me something with a camera on it, I love it!

The only change I would make is to have a collection that is easier to transport. If our home caught on fire I would definitely have a hard time choosing which cameras to save. Heres to hoping I never have to make that decision!

Do you collect anything?

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Satisfying an item on my vintage camera wish list!

A while back I made a vintage camera wish list. There are a ton of cameras still out there that I would love to add to my collection but for one reason or another, mostly financial, they haven’t joined my little camera family.

With that said, I am happy to announce my latest vintage camera baby; the Kodak Rainbow Hawkeye Vest Pocket in pink and purple. If you saw my vintage camera wish list post then you know how much I wanted one!

Kodak Pocket Camera

My AMAZING parents had this precious little guy sitting on our sweetheart table at the wedding. It was the BEST surprise!! My parents purchased it from the wonderful Sherry, owner of High Places Photography.

It is much smaller than I originally realized and it is so cute!!! It looks like the fun, perky little sister to my similar styled cameras.

Kodak camera

Thank you SOO much to my parents for giving me such a beautiful piece to add to my collection. I love it and look forward to taking care of it throughout the years.


My latest vintage camera purchase!

Hello Lovelies,

For today’s favorite things I wanted to share my recent purchase from High Places Photography (my previous post about the store can be found here).

After discovering the shop I immediately started searching for my next purchase. While there are many cameras I would love to take home, I fell in love when I happened upon this guy.

Brownie Scouts camera

This is an official Girl Scout camera specifically made for Brownie Scouts from 1957 – 1965 and takes 620mm film. The camera is in great condition and is an amazing addition to my collection. Sherry, the owner of High Places Photography, has been a delight to work with and really knows her stuff! I look forward to purchasing cameras from her again in the future!

Have you recently purchased an exciting find? Tell me about it!