Crazy Red Hair Day

When I was younger I had VERY long hair. It was past my butt. No lie. This helped when it came to Crazy Red Hair Day at school. Did you ever have that? At my elementary school we did Crazy Red Hair Day for drug prevention (I think). My mom and I were competitive and my mom used her creative skills to perfect the best crazy hair of them all. I won several years in a row.

By the way I can’t believe I am sharing this photo. Apologies in advance for the poor image quality. When this photo was taken we had no idea it would later be used for my blogging venture.

crazy red hair day

That is me! Take it all in. Long hair and chubby cheeks.

That is my hair up like that. We blew up a balloon, tied my hair all around it, used a ton of hairspray and finished it off with an adorable red bow made out of a balloon.

Spiffy right? As I said, I won. We did this hairstyle for Crazy Red Hair Day like two or three years in a row and I won every time. Why fix what isn’t broken?

So that is a little peak into my past! Did you have spirit days in school? Tell me about it!

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Being Miss Congeniality

Here is a fun little tid-bit of knowledge about me. When I was a baby I entered a baby pageant. I was the cutest little thing! I even won Miss Congeniality. Let me tell you how I won that auspicious title.

Baby Pageant

First, look at that cute little baby! That is little ole’ me with my trophies (and I guess a cape).

Alright back to the story.

Let me tell you. See, my parents had searched all over for a two piece bathing suit. I guess they don’t make them for babies too often. My mom finally found one, a cute little green and black polka dot number that she dressed me up in with my cute little top ponytail and an accompanying pail and shovel. That was my bathing suit outfit. Right, back to the story.

During the competition all of the parents would stand in a line at the back of the stage. They would call the baby to the stage and the parent would bring the baby forward. The baby would do as all babies do, clap their hands, smile, etc. Once they were done the parent would take them back to the line. When my time was up my dad took me back to the line and sat me down. I then crawled back out into the middle of the stage and began waving and clapping, even though it wasn’t my turn anymore. You just couldn’t keep me off of the stage! I had charisma, let me tell you.

That is how I won my title. Pretty cool huh?

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That time I received a puppy for Christmas

Mrs Claus

This is not the year I got a puppy but look at how cute I was!

I was about 7 when my parents got me a puppy for Christmas. My room was downstairs and the living room was upstairs. I remember climbing the stairs up to the living room. The lights were all off and the tree was ablaze with lights. It was beautiful.

As I made my way to the top of the stairs I could see the presents that covered the floor. They started from under the Christmas tree and spread like roots outward. There was one box that started to move. What in the world is that?! As I grew closer the box began to move even more. When I finally reached the box a small, fluffy, white head popped out. It was like a scene out of a movie. We named that little guy Snowball.

I learned when I was older that my parents had a rough time with Snowball. They had picked up the puppy the day before and had him sleep in their room. He pooped and peed all over their room. I guess he was a bit of a demon puppy.

We gave Snowball away shortly after Christmas. He chewed everything and even burrowed a hole into a wall. He wasn’t very nice and needed a home that could train him better.

While my relationship with Snowball may not have lasted, that memory is one of my fondest. It was very special and learning what my parents dealt with to make it happen, for me, is the best part.

What is your most fond Christmas memory?

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My first trip to Forever 21… the start of a love affair

store front

My first Forever 21 experience was like walking into heaven, or what I can imagine that would be like. My parents and I were in the lower 48 hunting around a mall when I spotted what I can only describe as my clothing holy grail. Oh god was it glorious. There appeared to be a glow surrounding the entrance, at least that is how I remember it.

I walked in and immediately started grabbing dresses and tops like nobody’s business. My poor father began to be weighed down by my shopping spree. I just kept piling more and more clothes onto his arms. You have to understand. We didn’t have a Forever 21 in Alaska so I needed to grab anything and everything I thought might look good. School clothes never looked so good.


That first experience sparked a love affair between myself and Forever 21. I still visit the beauty every few weeks to see if there are any new dresses I can’t live without. The clothes are affordable and I don’t feel buyers remorse afterward, usually.

Do you have a shop you love visiting when shopping?

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