The Challenges of Having Long hair

Hello Lovelies!

Don’t get me wrong. I love having long hair! With long hair comes many challenges though. As you may know, or assume, it can be a lot of upkeep! That isn’t the only obstacle I’ve experienced having long hair. Here is a list of all of the things you deal with when you have long hair (and yes I have experienced them all personally).

What is over there?

It gets stuck in your laptop – Yup. That happened. I closed my hair in my laptop, went to set the laptop down, and had a rude awakening to the fact it was stuck.
It gets in your food – I get my hair in my food all of the time. It would probably be a good idea to carry a hair tie with me.
You accidentally eat it – I’ve had way too many meals where my hair was a side dish. I start eating a big old fork full of spaghetti and learn there is hair, still attached, mixed in with my pasta. Yuck.
It gets tucked into your skirt – I’ve had this happen several times when getting dressed. I pull my skirt up, tuck in my shirt, raise my head to realize that my hair is inside of my skirt. Oops!
It gets stuck under your armpits when sweaty – I love wearing my hair down for concerts. Swinging my hair around is just so fun! The problem comes when it gets stuck under my armpits. That is not fun and can be very awkward.
Cuddling can be tricky – When cuddling my hair always winds up in a bad spot. Under Fletch, in his mouth or ears, stuck under me; it is just not a good time. I have to twist my hair and tuck it behind my head to keep it out of the way.
Shedding – I mean there is hair all over!! I can’t tell my husband it is his because, well, it is obviously isn’t.
Getting it stuck in your car – I close the door, attempt to walk away and get pulled back. OUCH! I closed my hair in the door… again.
Zipping it in your clothes – Far too often I get my hair zipped up in my clothes. Again, I think I need to get into the habit of carrying a hair tie with me so I stop causing myself pain.

There are challenges for most hair styles but it is the long hair that I have the most problems with. I don’t plan on cutting my hair anytime soon but I think it would be understandable if I decided to chop it off.

What hair challenges do you have?

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25 thoughts on “The Challenges of Having Long hair

  1. You’re so lucky to have long hair though! It looks so pretty! I had longer hair but cut it into a bob because it just seemed like such a hassle and now I miss it lol. 🙂

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    • Very true! I’ve had long hair almost my entire life (rebelled in college and cut it off) it just seems to get in everything. I think I just need to bring a hair tie with me more often lol


  2. I am NOT a long hair girl, obviously. I did grow it out, to my shoulders or so, a few years back to just give it a go again, but it was constantly up in ponytails, etc. I hate having it on my neck! I’ve been growing it out lately (but with the sides and back still shaved), but again, the long part of my hair is still up in a ponytail!

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    • Haha! Yeah long hair isn’t for everyone. I love having my long hair but man does it get annoying sometimes! I think the worse is that it gets in my food so often. I hate having sticky hair haha


  3. Oh man getting my hair caught in zippers–I don’t miss that! My hair was never as long as yours is but it was substantial. My biggest issue was the static during the winter on the East Coast, and that’s why I ended up chopping it all off! Now my biggest issue is that I can’t put it up in a ponytail to work out without 4-5 bobby pins.


  4. I always grow my hair and it gets to a point where it is hard to deal with because of everything you mentioned, I also have a LOT of hair normally (a lot fell out recently due to a medication I was on) so it would give me headaches once it got to a certain length. Now I keep it to on my shoulders. Last year as part of my “try something new” I cut it quite short and loved it, but with hair that is slightly too short for a hair tie comes its own problems hahaha.

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