Crazy Red Hair Day

When I was younger I had VERY long hair. It was past my butt. No lie. This helped when it came to Crazy Red Hair Day at school. Did you ever have that? At my elementary school we did Crazy Red Hair Day for drug prevention (I think). My mom and I were competitive and my mom used her creative skills to perfect the best crazy hair of them all. I won several years in a row.

By the way I can’t believe I am sharing this photo. Apologies in advance for the poor image quality. When this photo was taken we had no idea it would later be used for my blogging venture.

crazy red hair day

That is me! Take it all in. Long hair and chubby cheeks.

That is my hair up like that. We blew up a balloon, tied my hair all around it, used a ton of hairspray and finished it off with an adorable red bow made out of a balloon.

Spiffy right? As I said, I won. We did this hairstyle for Crazy Red Hair Day like two or three years in a row and I won every time. Why fix what isn’t broken?

So that is a little peak into my past! Did you have spirit days in school? Tell me about it!

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