Haters gonna hate.. hate. hate. hate. hate.

I love Taylor Swift. Wow. That feels good to say.

When I say “love” I don’t mean in a romantic way. I mean that I really enjoy her music and she seems like a super rad lady. My love affair with T Swift first started after the release of her album “Fearless”. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed songs from her self titled album but they didn’t catch me like, “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story”.

taylor swift

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I really enjoyed her music. I could dance around my room singing at the top of my lungs and never really get tired of it. So I continued to be a closeted Swifty. I didn’t really talk about my love for her music and had my parents buy her albums for me so I didn’t have to admit to buying her music.

I continued to listen to her music in secret until I started learning more about her. She is awesome with her fans. At shows she would have people walking through the crowd to invite special fans to meet her afterward. I mean WHAT? How many artists do that? I am going to guess not many.

For Christmas this year she sent fans personalized gifts. I mean really well thought out gifts with personalized notes. My friends don’t do that (hell, I don’t do that).

So my love for Taylor grew and grew. I am finally to a point where I can admit that I like her and her music, and I am willing to defend her, so back off. She has blossomed into a really kind, generous, thoughtful, funny person.

Whether you like her songs or not, I think there is no denying that she is a pretty awesome celeb.

So for now I call a toast for Miss T. Swift. She knows just how to deal with haters, how to show appreciation to her fans, and how to treat her friends. You get em’ girl.

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14 thoughts on “Haters gonna hate.. hate. hate. hate. hate.

  1. A fan starting with 1989.. I love her quirky no explanation, no excuses approach, she truly lives life to its fullest.
    (I do send the gifts like her so… I know how much fun it can be finding just the right thing.
    I’d definitely share your blog post with her on Twitter – I know she’d appreciate it! Really great post… thanks for being the one to take the first step to put it out there!

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  2. I have loved Taylor since her first album. Girl gets the life of a twenty-something! She is incredibly talented and truly a girl boss!! I think she is such a good influence for young girls! Fully support the tayswift love!


  3. First timer here (I followed an instagram link). I love Taylor too! we listened to “Shake it Off” so many times at my place that my 3 year old started parodying whenever he could: “take it off” when he was undressing, “cut it off” during art time with scissors. It’s a great song for some of us who are a little too sensitive from time to time.


    • Hi Olivia! Thank you so much for stopping by!
      I went NUTS when that song first came out. I listened to it a ton! (and still do) That is so funny that he parodies it! I love to parody songs (even if they aren’t very good). I agree that it’s a good reminder to let stuff go. I can be very sensitive so I like that when I feel like someone is being a jerk I can just sing, “shake it off,” do a shimmy and move on with my day. 🙂


  4. Haha, I am definitely not a closeted Swiftie I’m so out of the closet obnoxiously screaming it at anyone who will listen to me. Ok, not literally, but close enough. I mean one look at my poster covered bedroom would tell you all you need to know. Don’t worry your definitely not alone. I’m seeing her In concert twice in the next 7 days!!! Here’s to Taylor 🍻

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