Everything is coming up cameras!

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am sharing a super cute dress I purchased from Sugarhill Boutique. I saw it online and simply knew it was meant for me. I mean, it has vintage cameras all over it!!IMG_8568

IMG_8607I love wearing this dress to work because it shows off my interests. Most people at work don’t know I collect vintage cameras and this dress is a wonderful conversation starter.

IMG_8614When wearing itย I try to keep it simple since it is bright and has a pattern. Plus, it is so darn cute it doesn’t need much!

Outfit DetailsNEWDress: Sugarhill Boutiqueย (no longer available)
Shoes: Aldoย (no longer available)

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9 thoughts on “Everything is coming up cameras!

  1. Really cute dress and you look adorable! It was super fun to meet you! Look forward to when we all meet again! When you are free some weekend, let me know and I will hire you for pictures! Have a great week!

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