April Love List


Hello Lovelies!!!!
I am here with another episode of my monthly love list!!! I LOVE doing these because it gives me an opportunity to share work from some amazing bloggers BUT it gives you a better idea about me! So, lets get to it!

I love this inspirational post by Anastasia Amour! You are worthy of extraordinary love! Always remember that.

I really enjoyed this post by Jenn of Hellorigby! She treated her mom to a pampering and shared a pretty cool campaign.

5 ways to communicate that will earn you respect. I could use that!

I love this photo series featuring Briar Rose. She is too cute!

I totally related to this post by Diana of Diana’s Adventures about her experience studying abroad.

My super amazing friend, Jenny, modeled for Avenle and I loved looking at photos from the shoot.

I loved reading this tag Katie of Plus+ Beauty wrote!

So there are a few of my favorite posts from the past month!  I really hope you take a moment to check them out and show some love to these amazing bloggers.

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