Being different is beautiful

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Hey you awesome thing you!

Lets talk about being different. About being weird. Here’s the thing. We are all different and weird and strange. That is part of what makes all of us so awesome! There are times when I feel different. Like I don’t fit in. Like the people around me just don’t get me. I get self conscious and wonder if they are judging the things I say. I know we all probably feel that way at sometime.

The wonderful thing about that feeling is that it makes me want to learn more about those around me. I like finding that thing that we can connect about (like we both love puppies, we like to read, we don’t like mean people, etc.) then we can appreciate our differences even more. I have this awesome friend names Jessica. We worked together at an office where I really stood out. I was young, liberal, and a lady in an office full of conservative men. It was really tough! Out of that difficult situation I found my shining star; Jessica. Jessica and I have very different style, we have different hobbies, and much more but what we both agree on outweighs our differences. We both like finding sales, we like making things, and we love the Walking Dead! We also love and appreciate each other. I know I can count on Jessica for anything and she knows I have her back (unless violence is involved because I am weak, small, and frightened easily).

It is all too easy to recognize our differences and allow those to outweigh what we ALL have in common. We are all human beings that love, feel, strive for happiness, and seek communities where we can feel safe. The next time you feel different or out of place remember that you are special and you have a tribe. I am a part of that tribe and, thanks to the awesome internet, you can always connect with other people that are into what you are into (like My Little Pony) and have them join your tribe.

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a Facebook group that would specifically be a group for anyone (bloggers and non-bloggers welcome) to just chat and connect. A place to seek support, advice, and an ear. Do you think that would be of value?

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10 thoughts on “Being different is beautiful

  1. I think many of us feel out of place and different, tho’ some won’t show it and actually may put up a wall and be not as nice or judgmental to try to hide this insecurities.
    I’ve found that you’ve always been so up front about the challenges you face, how you feel about your self and the things around you – it’s refreshing – your honesty, and unfortunately rare in this day an age. I think you can be assured that you’re a wonderful woman who’s touched many with your blog.
    BTW – I LOVEEEEEEEE the Walking Dead – OMG. I also read the comics and am just waiting for the latest to arrive at the library. I will talk TWD anytime!
    Re: FB – as I’m not on it, can’t fully say, but know you’d have and find a following.
    Loving your longer introspective posts!

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    • I totally agree. When people feel left out or like they don’t fit in they might put up a wall. I know I’ve done it.

      I’m glad you enjoy my honesty. I strive to be authentic with my blog, as I hope others are.
      YES!! You love the Walking Dead!! I have no read the comics but I enjoy the show. 😉


  2. Definitely check out the comics too. (Use the Compendiums – gangs up about 10 issues into 1 – there are 2 Compendiums). They vary from the show and the recent 22 – made me write to Kirkland about being either severely twisted or brilliant!!! If they can pull off what I saw on the last 2 pages of that issue, OMG it will completely blow your mind and I do not say that lightly! Literally something never seen on tv/movies – that good!

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