April Wish List

Hello Lovelies!

It is time again for a wish list!! I hope you enjoy all of the adorable stuff I’m sharing. Happy April!April Wish List-01

  1. Bio Grande Dress / ModCloth
  2.  Barcelona Post Earrings / Etsy
  3. Corgeek Tote Bag / Cafe Press
  4. Nothin’ But Affectionate Dress / ModCloth
  5. Meow for Measuring Cups / ModCloth
  6. Triangle Ring / Fab
  7. You and Eyesome Dress / ModCloth
  8. Strawberry Coin Purse / asos

What do you think of my latest finds?

Affiliate links are included in this post.

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17 thoughts on “April Wish List

  1. Cuteness overload! No. 4 looks like a fashionable Dorothy Gale dress, No. 5 makes me wanna run for my purse, 6. May do some damage if you’re upset hahhaa. LOVE 7!!! 7 is uber cute!


  2. Hey, login your posts! I was wondering, how do you make numbered pics like this? Also, do you have any tips for new bloggers as I’m a little lost with regards to my first proper post? Thanks x. 😟


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