Surround yourself with those that see greatness within you.

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After the amazing experience I had last weekend (read about it here) at Texas Style Council (TxSC15) I felt like this adorable little image really resonated with me. The theme of TxSC15 was the idea of sisterhood. The weekend was filled with discussions centered around this idea that we don’t have to compete with one another. Instead, we should be raising each other up and encouraging one another. The internet is a very large space and there is room for all of us.

Along with sisterhood we discussed this idea of a friendtor, introduced to us by the amazing Bethany from TOMS. A friendtor is someone that is your friend but can also act as a mentor. They encourage you in your endeavors and help you meet your goals. As a sisterhood of awesome lady bloggers we should not only be blogging friends but friendtors. As I said, there is room for all of us!!

Being surrounded by so many inspiring, creative, wonderful people for a weekend helped me realize just how important the people that you surround yourself with really are. I spend a good chunk of my time with my husband, Fletch, and I know that his quirky, creative personality helps me grow as an individual, blogger, friend, and partner. He is supportive, kind, thoughtful, and always encourages me to do what makes my heart happy.

I challenge you to surround yourself with those that built you up, not tear you down. You deserve to have those around you that see the greatness in you. Go get some friendtors or recognize those already in your life that can be your friendtors.

I am always looking for more so hit me up via Instagram and we can be friends!

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