Thoughts on being awesome

What does it mean to be awesome? Is it the feeling you have when you find an awesome new dress that fits just right? Is it the promotion you received at work? Or maybe the rush you get after standing up for yourself.

032215 I have to go be awesome

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I’m not totally sure but I guess you know it when you feel it. Right now I feel it and I am going to go strut my stuff. Have a great day my friends. I have a feeling that today is your day.

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11 thoughts on “Thoughts on being awesome

  1. I wonder if being awesome has to do with an accomplishment at all. Can you simply be awesome for just being/feeling confident in who you are/where you are in life? Just something to ponder/pose to your readers. (I’d like to strive for this latter idea. It’s harder, but I like a challenge!)
    And you own it Hilary! Keep these great posts coming.

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    • Excellent point hon! I think both can be true but I think the second, as you stated, is more difficult but more worth while. When I believe I am truly awesome, which happens every now and again, it is because of my confidence and attitude. Also, I don’t think it matters if other people think you are awesome but rather what you think of yourself. If you feel you are awesome because you accomplished a goal then great! If you feel awesome because you are rocking a dress like no other then great! Whatever it is just own your truth. We too often put ourselves down when we should be building ourselves up.

      Now I’ve gone on a tangent and will stop while I am ahead. 🙂

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