March Wish List

I’m sorry for getting this out so late! I usually try to share my wish list right around the beginning of the month and with my birthday and my dear friend’s wedding things have been a bit hectic. Anywho, this month’s wish list features a ton of ModCloth pieces along with some adorable pieces from Larmoni and Mod Dolly.March Wish List-01

  1. Deep Ocean Whale Dress / Larmoni 
  2. Bow ‘Em the Ropes / ModCloth
  3. Lovecats Ring / Catbird
  4. Alice Skater Dress in mint triangle / Mod Dolly
  5. Dorothy Tartan Pinafore / Mod Dolly
  6. For Sweets’ Sake Bag / ModCloth
  7. Lola Vintage Blue Rose Print Smock / Mod Dolly
  8. Little Deer Prints Dress / Larmoni
  9. Cents You Been Gone Bank / ModCloth
  10. Embrace the Mess Spoon Rest Set / ModCloth

I hope you enjoyed this month’s wish list! I will be back again next month with another list of things I love (and hope you love too)!!

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