It was a busy weekend

This weekend was crazy busy and I loved every minute of it!! We celebrated my birthday by taking a little trip to Portland (photos to come). I had ideas of what I would get done today but I didn’t do a darn thing.

030115 you are just like nah

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I wanted to get a ton of blogging done and plan out my outfits for the Texas Style Council next month (woo!) but instead I snuggled with my puppy and fell asleep watching a documentary on Netflix. I’d say that is a pretty awesome day.

I feel like I get this way sometimes. I make big plans about running a mile or cleaning the apartment but instead wind up snuggling with my husband or getting distracted by Pinterest. I try not to put too much pressure on myself when this happens. See, my partner is always busy with either work or grad school stuff so those rare moments he has to sit down with me are very precious. I’d rather sit on the couch with my boo and our puppy then dust our TV.

I’d say sometimes its ok to put stuff off (like my weekly Sunday post) if it means I can spend the time doing something better. Sometimes we just need to rest or spend quality time with others. It’s alright to say you will do it tomorrow.

Now go drink some yummy hot cocoa and skip your daily routine. You deserve it.

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