My favorite Valentine’s Day memory

While I was studying abroad Fletch did the sweetest thing. I mean, he is always sweet but the gifts he made me this year were exceptional. They were cry worthy (they were that good).

I was gone for five months and he wanted to give me something that would last me that entire time I was away. Valentine’s Day I received a video link to a video of Fletch singing me a beautiful song he wrote me. I’ve never had a song written for me before and I loved it. (hint to Fletch that he is welcome to write more for me.)


A few days later I received a box from Fletch. Inside I found a journal with “H & F” on the cover. I opened the journal and found filled pages, one for everyday I was gone. Some pages were filled with drawings and some were filled with stories. I was supposed to read a page a day.

Unicorn Drawing

I showed everyone I knew in London my journal and the song. Fletch’s gifts demonstrated the love he felt for me even though there was distance between us. He made me feel special, loved, and so much more.

These are a few of my most treasured items I have. I will keep the journal with me forever.

P.S. Here is the song Fletch wrote about me.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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