Finding Joy: Collaboration or (Being Yourself Together)

Today I introduce you to my wonderful, funny, smart, and all around amazing husband, Fletch. He shares about his desire to collaborate and how that process brings him joy. This piece is a perfect example of the thought provoking writing Fletch creates. Please enjoy!

Just the way you are pg1

Collaboration piece between Fletch and Hilary

Just the way you are pg2 Joy is when you can fully, one-hundred percent be yourself and do something fun that expresses your true self without any naysayers getting in the way— to be free of the unfortunate realization that comes in adulthood that other people judge you for wanting to be yourself.

I think this is why kids look so happy most of the time, because they are in this zone constantly and they don’t really care what other people think of them. Or even if they do care to some degree, the act of being imaginative and having fun supersedes all anxiety about how they are being viewed.

I am most joyful when I get to be creative and silly at the same time. As a thirty year old man with growing responsibilities and eyes looking to me to do anything but be creative and silly—sometimes it is hard to find ways to get around to it. This can mean a lot of time alone in between responsibilities trying to be creative or be ridiculous. But what has been on my mind a lot lately has been seeking opportunities to collaborate and find these moments of joy together with others.

When I look around and see all of the amazing, talented people around me creating amazing things, I start to remember how much joy comes from collaborating and sharing the joy of two or more and making it into one.

Although we are already a few weeks into 2015, I am hoping this year (and I don’t want to jinx it and call it a resolution) to look to the wonderful, talented people around me and look at ways that we can collaborate and share art, stories, music, and joy together to make more collective joy. I can think of no better place to start than collaborating with cutie cameras to make some joy together.

Joy is important to remind us of who we are and to get us through the hard times. Life is going to have disappointment and pain whether we like it or not, so I think a good life is when the moments of bliss and wonderment outweigh the moments of trouble and woe. The more you can find bliss in the simple things on the most frequent, recurring basis, the better off you will be.

A big thank you to Fletch for collaborating with me! His piece really makes me want to do some more!! Thank you to everyone who participated in my featured writers series! They were all wonderful to work with!

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3 thoughts on “Finding Joy: Collaboration or (Being Yourself Together)

  1. Reblogged this on fletchjoyner and commented:
    Here is a piece I did for my amazing wife’s blog: cutie cameras. It could have used a bit more editing on my part, but I wrote it in the middle of an intensely busy January during grad school. Glad to collaborate with my amazing partner.


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