Finding Joy with Phoebe of Taken by the Lapels

Hello Lovelies!!
Today we are hearing from the wonderful Phoebe from Taken by the Lapels. Phoebe is awesome and I love reading her posts! I am so glad she was able to write up a little something for my guest feature! Please read below to learn about where she finds joy.
If you ask a hyper-optimist like me where she finds joy, you’d get a long list.
{ the mountains, kayaking, shopping, stay-in dates }
But if you were to ask me to pick one place that stood out, I would in a heartbeat tell you Cane Bay a dive reef off the coast of St. Croix, USVI. 100 miles below the surface to be exact.
See, this year I got scuba certified to be an open water diver. It was one of the best decisions I’ll ever make (besides falling for the guy who convinced me to get certified). I used every penny of my tax return and took some lessons at a dive shop in town.
Fast forward two months and I’m on a plane to heaven itself. My first trip to the Caribbean and boy did I fall in love. St. Croix is something else. Definitely, the entire island of St. Croix is on my joy list.
Under the surface though, it’s an entirely different world. I have never seen so many shades of green and blue in my life.
The reef was alive, just teeming with critters swimming through the coral. I chased schools of fish and shook hands with a turtle (Ok, it was more like his shell, but still!) Plus, I snuck up on a stingray which happens to be my favorite of all ocean creatures. Plus I saw 2 whole sharks just chilling out a few feet below us.
All that magic.
Plus right beside me was my favorite guy. As long as we were in sight of the dive master, we got to venture off. There for a while, it seemed like it was just the two of us with the entire ocean at our fingertips.
As a borderline attention deficit, overly enthusiastic, wild child, I can tell you nothing quiets my soul like being nose to nose with one of God’s fine finned creations.
I honestly put diving, especially at Cane Bay, number one on my joy list.

Thank you Phoebe from Taken by The Lapels for sharing with all of us!!! If you would like to write something for my Finding Joy feature please email me at Stay tuned for our next feature coming next Monday!

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