Finding Joy with Justin Buchanan of Justin Buchanan Photography

Hello Lovelies!

Today we are hearing from the talented Justin of Justin Buchanan Photography. You may remember Justin from several previous posts of mine. He has taken countless photos for my blog and I’d like to think that in a small way he is a part of the Cutie Cameras team. Now to Justin!


All through school and college I was told once you’ve gotten your degree you’re free to do whatever you want, and all of your dreams will come true. Joy was in graduation.

So then I graduated and ended up taking a job that job I hated in a toxic environment. I went home every single night frustrated. My life was also stagnant. I wasn’t exploring, I wasn’t meeting new people, going to new places. I was just existing.

What was this life I had adopted? Were all my teachers and professors liars? This wasn’t the joy-filled life I was promised. I demand a refund.

Hilary can attest to this, many of our coffee hang-outs were just me venting about work and life. (Sorry Hilary, thanks for being awesome in dealing with me.) However, we often came back to the topic of new projects we were trying out. Whether they were as small as painting furniture or setting up an online gaming stream on

After two years or so of this, it finally dawned on me: joy was getting out there and doing the things I wanted to do and going to the places I wanted to go. In short, trying new things, taking chances, and going on adventures.

Yes I love taking photos, going on long runs, and playing video games, but that is merely filler to take up the time between new challenges at work, new projects, and when I have the funds, traveling.

And I knew I wasn’t going to change until I forced myself to change. So I quit my job, got a new one and moved to a whole new city.

Though moving and getting myself oriented to a new place has been stressful, it’s also been quite joyful. Not since senior year of college have I felt this great– even if I still need to find new glasses for my apartment. Novelty coffee mugs for water are getting quite annoying.

I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Try new things, go to new places even it’s just a new bar. Join a group of people who are trying that thing you’re interested in.

Life is way too short to be stagnant and to stay in one place doing the same thing over and over again.

Or don’t. I’m just a guy on the Internet.

But for me, joy is trying new things and going to new places. I guess you can say I find joy in new stresses.

Thank you to Justin of Justin Buchanan Photography for writing such a thoughtful piece! If you would like to write something for my Finding Joy feature please email me at Get ready because next Monday we will have another blogger sharing where they find joy.

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