Finding Joy with Kosta of Cool Gear Cavalier

Hello Lovelies,

Today I want to introduce you to the smashing Kosta from Cool Gear Cavalier. I first met Kosta via Twitter and was excited to read through his blog. His blog features incredible men’s fashion. I mean, seriously, he is so stylish I wish he could style me! I was so excited when he said he was interested in writing a piece for me here at Cutie Cameras. So here is Kosta, talking about his passion, other than blogging: dancing.


Dancing provides a tricky kind of joy. You enjoy doing it for fun with no experience and you enjoy doing it really, really well when you’ve worked hard to get to that level. The transition period between the two, however, is a whirlwind of ups and downs in which you question your abilities and constantly try to outmatch yourself.

I love the movement, the music and the glamor, but if I have to pick out the most enjoyable component of competitive dancing it would definitely be the feeling of making progress. I’m sure it’s something we can all relate to, albeit in different ways, so I’ll try to illustrate my point.

You spend time learning choreography, practicing until you don’t have to think about the movement, but instead have it ready to go in your muscle memory. You start to get used to the rhythm and musicality and piece together the moves. Finally, you get to the point where it feels natural and looks satisfying. You’re proud of your improvement. That’s the first type of joy from progress.


Now you’re comfortable in that place, but it doesn’t last. Soon you have to step it up and learn something new. I love the moment when a choreographer teaches something that’s beyond my immediate level of comprehension. It’s a whole new challenge to figure it out slowly, let alone attempt it. It’s a moment of stress and humility, but for me it also brings a sense of excitement. My eyes are reopened and my understanding of dance is once again shattered and rebuilt. That’s when I know real progress is being made, and that’s the second type of joy I find.

I’ve learned to recognize and cherish these feelings in dance, and I use them to mentally check if I’m improving in every aspect of my life. My blogging journey began with the joy of knowing well what I want to write about, but that belief was quickly challenged. I constantly build new knowledge about blogging, and I find happiness in that progress.

Kosta dancing

Finding joy in life is not a one-time errand. It can be a tedious process that you need to start over and over again, sometimes more than once a day. The best scenario is to have your own source of happiness that you can quickly tap into whenever you’re feeling down. For me, that’s my sense of improvement not just in dance but also in everything else in life. Where does your joy come from?

Thank you to Kosta of Cool Gear Cavalier for writing this wonderful post!! If you would like to write something for my Finding Joy feature please email me at Stay tuned for our next feature coming next week!

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