January Wish List: DSLR Accessories

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am changing up my Wish List! I am focusing on some awesome accessories for you photography lovers! These accessories are pretty neat and are all things I would love to add to my gear set. I currently shoot with a Canon Rebel T4i  DSLR which is why all of the items below are Canon brand. So here goes!

January Wish List

  1. Canon wireless remote control This guy would be great for taking group shots, long exposures, and all of those outfit photos you want but can’t find anyone to take for you!
  2. Siena leather camera bag from Jo Totes This bag is beautiful! I love that it looks like an everyday purse so you can take it whenever you want to bring along your camera. This is an awesome camera bag for my fellow fashionistas.
  3. Canon battery It is always good to keep an extra (fully charged) battery in your bag just in case.
  4. 60mm macro lens This lens would be great for macro photography!
  5. 10-18mm wide angle lens I would love to get a wide angle lens for landscape photos!
  6. Camera strap I love this strap!! It is stylish and practical!
  7. Flexible tripod
  8. 16-35mm wide angle zoom lens This again would be great for nature photography.
  9. Hufa lens cap holder I always struggle with where to stick my lens cap. I wear dresses most frequently so this little cap holder would really come in handy!
  10. Abby camera bag in lilac from Jo Totes Another adorable bag!! This one is a little bigger than the Siena but again very fashionable and perfect for a day around town.

Are you a photography buff? What do you shoot with?!

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