The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide For My Fellow Geeks and Nerds!

Hello Lovelies,

Being a nerd/geek (I still don’t understand the difference) myself I felt compelled to share some of my favorite finds for the geek or nerd in your life. So here goes!!

gift guide

1. Ewok Hooded Tank
Have a Star Wars fan that you  need to shop for? Well, Her Universe has a HUGE selection of adorable clothes for the Star Wards lover. My personal favorite is this Ewok hooded tank. I mean, how cute is that?!

2. Power Link Tassel MicroUSB
This tassel is so cool! Want to keep stylish but always need a cord to charge your electronics? Well, here you do!! This super fashion forward tassel clips on to your bag and has two hidden cables for charging ease. How awesome is that?!

3. Labyrinth Worm Plush
So this is mostly for me. I LOVE the movie Labyrinth and have always dreamed of having a plush of my favorite character, that adorable worm!! Unfortunately they are currently sold out BUT you can enter your email and get notified when they have more.

4. Power Plus charger in vanilla
More tech goodness can be found in this adorable charger! On the go and need a quick zap of battery life? BAM! This adorable little guy has the ability to charge your phone up to five times!

5. Doctor Who flying Tardis
Know a Whovian that has all of the typical stuff? Well then maybe it is time for a remote controlled Tardis! I mean seriously, how cool is that?!

6. Key Lightning Cable
Like the idea of the tassel but worried your friend won’t remember to put it on their purse? Well, maybe this keychain is a better option! The cords are hidden at the keyring. No more complaining about a dead phone!

7. Polar Pen
This pen is seriously cool! It is a pen and stylus all in one. The coolest part? It is made out of magnets! WHAAT? I know! Crazy right? I love creative and practical tech products and the office supply nerd part of me just loves this thing!! I actually received one to test out by the company and LOVE it!! It is so cool!!

8. Shark With Frickin’ Laser Pointer
Who doesn’t love Austin Powers? Well, if you know a big fan then this may be the perfect gift. A shark with a frickin’ laser pointer on its head!! I totally want one for work.

9. USB Turntable
Have that friend that loves vinyl for has a lack of space? Well, this just might be the perfect gift for them! It is portable, adorable, and converts their albums into MP3s! How awesome is that? Plus, it comes in a ton of colors!

10. Monocle Speaker in mint
It was totally the color that attracted me to this little guy. How cute is it? This is a really fun portable speaker. Perfect for the fashion forward, tech savvy individual.

11. The Power Wallet
Now this is cool! This super cute wallet hides a battery! Have a friend or family member taking a trip soon and wants to stay stylish? BAM. This guy is perfect!  Help make sure they are prepared to share all of those awesome photos on Instagram without the fear of a dead battery.

That is my gift guide! I hope you enjoyed it!! If you have any suggestions then please share them in the comments!

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27 thoughts on “The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide For My Fellow Geeks and Nerds!

  1. I am such a spazz for Labyrinth. I don’t trust anyone who has never seen the movie or hates it. How can you hate David Bowie as the Goblin King? And how in the world can someone born in the 80’s have never seen the movie?!

    Anyways, I have been trying to get that little plush worm for years now. It’s always sold out!

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