My entrance into the gaming world

Recently my friend, Justin Buchanan, invited me to join his renegade group of rapscallions in the game League of Legends. Since I have limited experience with gaming Justin thought it would be funny to have me as a part of his crew because he wants to live stream it and believes I will be entertaining (as do I).


Of course I accepted his invitation and set out to determine the most important part of the whole deal; my gamer name.

So here is my list. Please tell me what you think because your feedback will help me choose. This is a mix of silly and terrifying names. I want to either strike fear into the hearts of my opponents or make them laugh.

  1. CutieCrusher (in honor of my blog)
  2. BabyHandAwakening (because of my small hands)
  3. BloodyBloodThirst  (because I think blood would be scary)
  4. Audrey3 ( Little Shop of Horrors reference)
  5. NewsieRebellion (For my love of the movie Newsies)
  6. IanMckellan’sGandolfBeard (In honor of my love for The Lord of the Rings)
  7. Sophia’sBloodyPurse (I love the Golden Girls. Plus it works both ways. It could be in an English way or blood like from a battle.)
  8. AlaskanBloodRush (because I am from Alaska)
  9. Tootsie’sGirdle (I love the movie Tootsie.)
  10. Mojojojo’sTemper-Tantrum (I love Power Puff Girls.)
  11. PumpkinCarver (sounds scary, right?)
  12. CupcakeEviscerator (I love cupcakes and will eviscerate them)

Hard to choose, am I right? Please vote below and tell me what you think!

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12 thoughts on “My entrance into the gaming world

  1. I don’t think it gets better than “BabyHandAwakening”, but there are so many good ones. That was a fun car ride despite trying to write while on a bumpy road in the dark.

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