The dreamiest shoes ever!!

Today I want to share an amazing pair of shoes from b.a.i.t. footwear.



That is them. Aren’t they beautiful? These are my wedding shoes and They were possibly one of my favorite accessories on my wedding day. They weren’t the most comfortable, I don’t typically wear heels, but I loved wearing them. They made me feel like a vintage vixen.

walking in my shoes

The best thing about these shoes? I can wear them whenever!! I really enjoy wearing them to work because all of my fellow shoe lovers tend to give me compliments and I will always accept compliments.

Do you have a pair of shoes that make you walk a little taller? (get it, because they have heels? HA!)

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9 thoughts on “The dreamiest shoes ever!!

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  2. Oh wow you are so gorgeous, congratulations for your wedding! (I’m a bit late). I really love your blog by the way, your posts are so lovely and beautiful 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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