My superstar dreams

I was a ham when I was younger. I dreamed of being on stage and entertaining hundreds of people with my singing.

being a ham

Me being a ham

I remember going camping with the family and taking my little cassette and mic set to sing with. I would perform Michael Jackson around the campfire for my family. I knew I was destined for the stage. That is, until I realized I wasn’t the most amazing singer in the world. Trust me, it was a shock.

I took singing lessons and performed but once I hit middle school I think I realized I wasn’t the superstar I thought I was. I never won the competitions I entered and I was never given a solo in choir.


Getting my sing on.

I am not telling you this story to make you feel bad. I think learning I wasn’t the best singer taught me that I can still love something and not feel like I have to be the best. I can be very competitive, one of the reasons I avoid sports, and understanding that I can just like something regardless of my skill level was a very valuable lesson.

I still sing ALL of the time and have a lot of fun with it. I LOVE singing and I LOVE dancing. It makes me happy. Knowing I may not be amazing makes it easier to sing in public too. I play up my strengths. I dance silly and make it fun. I let loose.

So while I may not be living out my childhood dream I still feel like I am entertaining people with my words. This blog has become an outlet for me to express myself and hopefully you enjoy it.

Now your turn. What was your childhood dream?

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14 thoughts on “My superstar dreams

  1. I had the same aspirations and wanted to be a famous actor – even when to Uni to study – came out the other side knowing that I was a better audience member than a performer LOL! Oh well it’s still taught me many valuable skills and lessons and I feel like this blog is my creative outlet too. 🙂 xo

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  2. I was singing and acting and have been in musicals. Even produced my own cover album and was in a band for a long time. I just couldn’t seem to get to that point where I would have enough (or to be honest much at all) money to keep it as my full time job. Then I realised how much I love libraries and I kind of let singing go… Man that hurt!!!
    Quite a few years later I have a dedicated fan base… my nieces and nephews. My nieces demand I sing them “Let it Go”, “Ugly heart”, “All about that base”, “Twinkle, twinkle little star” and my littlest niece loves to fall asleep in my arms while I sing a slow version of Titanium 🙂 Plus there are always Karaoke comps that come up, there’s some nice pocket money to be made there 🙂

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    • It is wonderful that you can share your love for singing with your nieces and nephews! I am glad you have found a way to continue singing while also pursuing your love for libraries. That is pretty neat!


  3. Love this! Such a good post – absolutely spot on 😉

    When I was little all I wanted to be was a mother and a world explorer (I loved/still love traveling with my mother).

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