The importance of Bayside in my life


I first discovered the band Bayside back in high school. I remember listening to their song “Devotion and Desire” and being blown away.

It wasn’t like anything else I listened to at that point. It was dark. It was moody. It was heavy. It was awesome!!

I bought their album, fell in love, and it has been a match made in music loving heaven ever since. I was an emotional teenager that needed an outlet. Growing up in Alaska I felt frustrated and outcast. I didn’t like outdoor activities. I hated being cold. I wanted to adventure to other states. I channeled my angst into music. I spent hours just listening to music and finding new bands. Bayside was one of those bands that I found and connected with.

I even bonded with my amazing friend, Amanda, over them. I went to my first Bayside concert with her and her boyfriend at the time, Jason. Jason was an even bigger fan than either of us. He had the bird from their album tattooed to his leg. Jason had us standing outside for hours before the show. It was winter time and we were freezing. Amanda and I had only just become friends but we huddled close to keep warm. That night we met Anthony Raneri, the lead singer, while standing outside. Jason showed off his tattoo and Anthony thanked us for our support of the band. Meeting Anthony Raneri made waiting outside in the cold for 3+ hours almost worth it.

I love their lyrics, their sound, and just about everything about them. I was even in one of their tour videos (I am in the crowd rocking out at a show with Amanda).

I encourage you to give them a listen and tell me what you think! This is a band that holds a very special place in my heart for so many reasons and I’d love to share that with you!

Is there a musical artist you associate with a specific place, person, or time of your life?

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2 thoughts on “The importance of Bayside in my life

  1. They were part of a wave of Victory Records bands that I had largely ignored, but I am glad that you caused me to have a reason to go back and revisit them, because I really dig them now. It was a lot of fun seeing them with you in Portland opening for Taking Back Sunday.

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