Lookin’ snazzy in my specs

Hello Lovelies!

It wasn’t until recently that I started noticing that my vision was getting blurry. Pictures didn’t look as clear as they once did and it was becoming harder to read signs. So, I went to the optometrist and surprise surprise, I needed glasses. My vision isn’t so bad that I can’t function without my glasses, things are just a tiny bit fuzzy.

I’ve heard that wearing your glasses all the time makes your eyes lazy and will make your vision worse. Not wearing your glasses forces your eyes to work, similar to a muscle. I’ve also heard the opposite. Not wearing your glasses makes your eyes strain and makes your vision worse. I asked the optometrist I visited and he said that yours eyes are going to do what their going to do. Wear them or don’t wear them. It doesn’t matter.

So I bought some glasses thinking I could at least wear them at work (when staring at a computer) and when driving. I began my hunt for reasonably priced and cute glasses. I landed on Bonlook.


They had a deal where you could get a pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses for $150. I jumped at it! I spent a few days measuring my head, debating the styles and finally settled on their Powder Puff glasses in black and their Night Owl sunglasses in black.

snazzy glasses

I am very happy with my purchase!! Both pairs are great quality and look super cute!


Having a few pairs that make me feel cute makes it easier to get used to. I look at them as an accessory! They add an extra bit of pizzazz to my outfit.

What do you think?

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