My traumatizing poop experience

Let me explain. First off, I don’t handle strong smells very well. I am a person that will throw up as a response to a really strong, nasty smell. I throw up if someone else throws up. With that said, I will start my story.


When Lily was just a puppy she used to love riding on my lap in the car. She was small enough then that it didn’t affect my driving.  It was so cute! She would cuddle up in my lap and nap. The only problem was that she was still figuring out how to hold her poop. See, there were a few incidents where she would jump into the passenger seat and poop which was awful due to the smell but wasn’t too bad. It was gross but not terrible.

It wasn’t until this faithful day that I was forever scarred. We were driving by Target, on our way home.  Lily had jumped into my lap to lay down. All of  a sudden I felt a warmth on my legs. I looked down to see Lily, back arched, staring up at me, pooping. I didn’t know what to do!! The smell hit me and it was all I could do to keep from throwing up. I quickly pulled into a parking lot to assess the situation. I set Lily in the passenger seat and took a poop bag to clean the little present she left me in my lap. I knew that if I left the poopy leggings on that I would throw up. Luckily I was wearing a dress (a very short dress) with leggings and was able to remove the leggings without getting poop all over myself.

So, I quickly drove home to change. Lily kept trying to get in my lap again but after that little incident I couldn’t have her in my lap again. I couldn’t handle it. I got home, Lily’s leash in one hand, holding my dress down with the other, and ran into the apartment complex.

Since that day I only let Lily sit in my lap if I am not driving and if I have a towel to lay down over my lap. She now knows how to tell me if she needs to potty but I never again want to experience the trauma of having my adorable fur-baby poop in my lap.

What would you have done?

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