My favorite late night show

I first fell in love with Jimmy Fallon (in a plutonic way) back when he was on Saturday Night Live. It was only natural that I would love his late night show now. I enjoy how creative their skits are and how willing Jimmy is to do really stupid things.

Jimmy Fallon

Like this:

He also gets his guests to do really fun stuff.

From his hashtag skits to the fun games they come up with, every minute is filled with laughter. I wonder how the writers come up with all of their skits for the show. Seriously. A lip sync battle? What a great idea!! I often lip sync (and actually sing) along to songs in the car as practice for my eventual battle with Jimmy Fallon. I know I would win. Seriously I am good when it comes to lip syncing.  I do NOT hold back.

I digress, I would love to someday see a live taping of his show. I know that it would be a ton of fun and really entertaining. Plus, shaking Jimmy’s hand would be pretty rad.

Which show would you want to see a live taping of?

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