Recognizing Those That go Unnoticed

I recently wrote a piece for the Kindness Blog! Check out their amazing blog for some great inspiration!

Kindness Blog

Recognizing Those That go Unnoticed

by Hilary Joyner

I work at a job in an office from 8am – 5pm. I arrive at a clean office everyday and don’t think twice about it. I make my coffee, have my breakfast and get to work. I’ve grown accustomed to the clean space I’ve been used to and never really think about how it got that way.

Over the last few weeks I have had more interactions with the wonderful person responsible for my happy office space. A woman that spends her evenings making sure that my days are clean and comfortable. Every time I see her she compliments me. “Your hair is adorable sweetie!'” “Your hair is beautiful!” “Honey you look great!”

There have been days where I find myself moping through the hallways. I catch a bad angle of myself and see my imperfections. I think about all the things I…

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