My Self-induced sickness

When I came back from London I was excited to see family and friends but I was REALLY excited about eating all of the foods I didn’t get abroad.

One of the first meals I ate after getting back was a BLA (bacon lettuce and avocado sandwich). My parents like to make all of the fixins’ then make a bar so you can put together your sandwich anyway you want.

This caused problems for me. I may have gotten too excited and maybe ate five BLAs.

Yes I said five sandwiches. I ate one and still felt hungry. I ate two and still felt hungry. So I ate three more. I finally felt full after the fifth and went to go relax. It only took about 10 minutes for the pain to occur.


The sickness hit me fast. I felt like an alien was growing in my stomach and I was about to explode. I dare say it was worse than a hangover. I was talking with Fletch on the phone when it came about.

I laid down in bed and began to whine to Fletch. “It hurts so bad!! Why did I do that?” was basically how the conversation went. Fletch asked what happened and I explained that for some crazy reason I ate five BLA sandwiches.

Fletch: “what? You ate FIVE BLAs? How did you even do that?”
Me: “I don’t know!! I just did! I hate everything!!!”
Fletch: “Why didn’t you just stop eating?”
Me: “I wasn’t full! God!! Why did I do that?! I feel like all of the light in the world has gone out!” (I get a bit dramatic when I don’t feel well)
Fletch: “Well, now you know not to eat five BLAs next time.”

At that point I decided that the best thing for me to do was to get off of the phone and wallow in self-pity.

I usually eat one sandwich and feel stuffed but not this time. I seriously have NO idea why I did such a dumb thing but I did. It was terrible. It was possibly one of the worse sicknesses that I have ever experienced.

Have you ever done something like that?

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12 thoughts on “My Self-induced sickness

  1. Oh so many times you don’t wanna know! Food and me are brutal, bitter enemies now and then LOL!
    One Easter my mum made this AH-MAZING spread with loads of different salads and sides etc, so of course I go nuts. Then my friend came round and she fixed him a plate and I go for round 5 by this stage – holy hell!! I was writhing in pain the rest of the day to the point of thinking I needed to go to the hospital to get “popped” – that night I had to sleep sitting up! Lesson learnt; breathe when you’re eating hahahahaha!


  2. I am impressed, that is a lot of sandwich 🙂 I usually overdo it when we go out for dinner because it happens so rarely. I am starting to learn and now we will order a small entree to share, then a main each and if we have room we will share dessert. Usually those rules work for us now. Otherwise I would get pains about an hour after I got home… just bad lol.

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