You can change lives

You have the ability

We all posses the power to change someone’s life. It could be with a small act of kindness or by being a friend. Our words and actions are our superpower that we can use for good or evil. We can use this power to promote positive change in our society or we can use it to hurt others.

Be kind to others. Treat them with respect and dignity. Share your love with everyone you can. It may open you up to more hurt but it also opens you up for more opportunities at connecting with people in the world.

I reflect on the people I have to thank for making my life a warmer, happier place. Fletch, for being such a wonderful partner and friend. Porsche for being an exceptional friend when I really needed it. My parents for always encouraging me to find my passions, even when I gave up (like skateboarding, snowboarding, flute, trumpet, and much more). To my brothers who taught me to laugh at myself. Every person that has come into my life has had an impact on me, for good or bad.

On my ribcage I have a tattoo that says, “each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.” I got this tattoo because I wanted a constant reminder of the impact that others can have on your life and to remember those that have made me who I am today.

I encourage you to remember the power you posses and use it for good. Change someone’s life by being kind and compassionate. Be a positive force in the world.

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