Sharing my love for ASOS

Hello Lovelies,

Today I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite online stores; ASOS! Their stuff is cute, girly, and I love the different styles they have! They also have specific lines for different sizes; ASOS petite, ASOS curve, ASOS plus size brands, and ASOS tall. I love that they acknowledge that people are different sizes and tried to make clothing that works for different sizes.

I seriously can’t get enough of their stuff. I’ve bought several purses from them and a dress. I do a lot of internet shopping and ASOS’ return policy is really great. It takes the stress out of buying clothes because I know that if it doesn’t work I can just return it!

Alright, here are just a few of my ASOS goodies!

asos dress

Super cute dress


Three awesome purses!

This has easily become one of my favorite shops to buy from. I dare say that it is my number two online store, just behind Modcloth.

What is your favorite shop?

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15 thoughts on “Sharing my love for ASOS

  1. I love their site as well. I’m pretty sure they are Canadian friendly in terms of shipping (dare I say it’s free? hm..)! I’ve heard great things about Modcloth but have yet to order from them.

    I’ve definitely been trying to tone down my internet shopping but it’s so fun (and they have me hooked as an email subscriber so I always know when there’s a sale)! 


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