Pitch Perfect and why I love it

I’ll be honest. I thought Pitch Perfect was going to be stupid. I didn’t have high expectations. I watched it because I kept hearing it was good. So I took a chance and LOVED it.

The dialogue is hilarious. I can’t believe it was as funny as it was. My two favorite characters had to be Fat Amy and Lilly. Their lines were filled with comedic genius.

Fat Amy


Haven’t seem this movie? Let me break it down for you.

The main character, Beca, is a college freshman convinced to join one of the college’s many acapella groups, The Bellas. She adds some much needed pizzaz to the group by infusing different songs to make them unique and interesting for those watching the group perform. The rag-tag x team of bellas has a lot to figure out and the movie follows their struggles as they attempt to make it to the finals of the acapella competition.

This is a movie I watch over and over again and can’t get enough of.

Have a few hours to spare? Maybe use it to watch this hilarious movie.

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13 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect and why I love it

  1. I love Rebel Wilson (AKA Fat Amy) so I knew if she was part of the main supporting cast that it would be a pretty decent comedy, little did I know just how awesome it would be. It was aca-amazing! 😛
    Can not WAIT for the sequel, apparently a lot of the main players are back. Even more exciting is the rumour that the acapella genius that is Pentatonix will be joining the cast as a rival team. If you have never heard of Pentatonix you seriously need to check out their YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/PTXofficial they are really, really good!


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