Finding ways to spread kindness

Kindness can be demonstrated in the simplest of actions; A small smile; A “hello” to a stranger or co-worker. We have the opportunity to spread kindness in every interaction we have.

throw kindnessIt is all too easy to get caught up in our own problems or worries. We are running late so we honk at the car in front of us. We only think about the issues we are having but not of those around us. Maybe that is a new driver in front of you and now they are traumatized and never want to drive again (I felt that way at one point).

That barista at Starbucks may have just experienced a break up or, even worse, a loss of someone close to them. Instead of getting rude when it takes a few extra minutes why not instead smile and tell them that you hope they have a nice day.

I once had a young girl working at Cold Stone open up to me about her relationship problems all because I smiled and asked how she was doing. After she vented for a few minutes I told her that she should go home and treat herself to something yummy and a movie. I told her that things would get better and that I was sorry for her hardships. This young girl that I hadn’t seen smile since we entered the heavenly ice cream joint cracked a small smile and told me, “thank you.”

We are all fighting our own battles and if we try and remember that a bit more then maybe we can foster more understanding and, in turn, kindness.

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12 thoughts on “Finding ways to spread kindness

  1. It’s amazing how saying to someone “You look nice today” brings a beautiful smile. I’m going to challenge myself to see how many people I can bring a smile to, Thanks


  2. Aw, that’s such a sweet story!! You’re right, we can get caught up in our own world that we sometimes don’t think about what’s going on in another person’s world. I’m sure you made that young girl feel really good for the rest of that week! Kind words, even a smile, go a long way!


  3. Hi Hilary,
    Great blog, thank you. What you’re saying is so true. At a store where I sometimes shop, there’s an employee there who never seemed to smile or feel genuinely caring towards the patrons of the store. Over time, this bothered me. I found myself thinking, “How can you have a job in customer service if you won’t give a smile to your customers?”

    Then one time, a friend and I went shopping together, and we interacted with this clerk directly. While standing close to her, I felt my familiar negative feelings about her arise. This time, rather than just think she was terrible for not loving her customers, I decided to attempt to uplift her spirit. My friend spontaneously joined me in this positive intention, without even knowing that I’d decided inwardly to do that!

    It took quite a bit of energy, but after my friend said something really funny to the clerk, the girl cracked a smile! It felt so good to create a positive interaction with her, rather than to stand there disapprovingly in judgment of her.

    What the world needs now is LOVE!



    • Thank you so much for sharing, Carolyn!! It is so important to stop and think about others and what they may be facing. If we can learn to put ourselves in their shoes then maybe we can understand them and help bring a bit of light into their life.

      Thanks again for sharing!!



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