How a collection begins

It started with one and grew to many.

My camera collection began when I decided that I wanted to try out a few different toy cameras. I found a great site called Four Corner Store and they sold a ton of adorable toy cameras that I just had to have. So I started with a few cute little ones then it expanded to vintage cameras. I thought some vintage cameras would accent the apartment nicely. I never planned on started a collection. I just wanted some cool cameras and now I have a lot of cool cameras. (Yeah me!)

camera collection main area

I really enjoy the look of vintage pieces in a comfy, cozy home. I’ve been slowly building up with my collection. So now I collect cameras and absolutely adore it. I love the hunt of finding a great deal on a lovely piece. I also love having a “go to” gift from friends. Buy me something with a camera on it, I love it!

The only change I would make is to have a collection that is easier to transport. If our home caught on fire I would definitely have a hard time choosing which cameras to save. Heres to hoping I never have to make that decision!

Do you collect anything?

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6 thoughts on “How a collection begins

  1. I love your collection, it’s amazing!
    I used to collect Freddy Krueger figurines, but I slowly grew out of it, though I still love them and can’t part with them now LOL! I think my jewellery and accessories are quite a collection too 🙂 xo


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