Understanding others

Recently I made a trip to the ATM to gets some cash so Fletch and I could have some fun-money while at the fair. There were four people in front of me so I patiently waited for my turn.

As I waited I saw a man in an electric wheelchair traveling up and down the sidewalk. He wasn’t bothering anyone just kind of rolling around. He then approached a few of the people in front of me and asked a question.

At first I couldn’t tell what he said. I only saw that the two people he talked to shook their heads, “no”. He then approached me. He asked if I would pull his hood up for him. It was very windy out and even I was feeling chilled.

I responded, “sure,” pulled up his hood and asked if it was alright. He told me thank you and then left. That was all he wanted. He needed some help because he was cold and unable to pull his hood up on his own. He sought help from strangers and the people before me didn’t even listen to him. They acted as if he had the plague.


Why do we make assumptions about people we know nothing about? This gentleman looked as if he could have been homeless and for that reason people ignored him.

What does it say about us as a society that we ignore those in need? We justify not helping by telling ourselves we are too busy or that others will come to their aid.

make someone else look forward to tomorrow

I am just as guilty of this as any other person. I tell myself that I should start volunteering but never actually sign up. I look at charity sites but never actually donate or share it with others that may be able to help.

This was a moment that made me more aware of my lack of community involvement. This was a wake up call. I need to do more for others. Even it is as small as helping someone with their hood.



7 thoughts on “Understanding others

  1. Love this post! It amazes me how quickly we want to help starving kids in Africa and victims of war (not saying they don’t need help too) but are so quick so dismiss those who need help right in our backyard. xx


  2. It’s so true! I was in my car the other day and saw a lady fall and faceplant the sidewalk, rather than see if she was alright these two guys (somewhere between 17-19) giggled and walked past her. I pulled over and went back to see if she was alright and she wasn’t. She was bleeding a lot from her head and we had to call an ambulance. I just don’t understand people not helping one another, it’s so wrong.
    If donating to charities make sure that your donation is going to the cause and not the organisation 🙂 If you want to know a great charity to consider donating to a guy I went to school with works for Charity Water as their Director of Digital http://www.charitywater.org/about/staff.php in NYC. It seems like a great charity whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person in the world.


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