Picture magnets from PicStick!

Hello Lovelies,

I am so excited to tell you about my new magnets from PicStick!!


When I got my PicStick envelope in the mail I couldn’t wait to open it and see my new magnets!!

full magnets

Look at how cute they are!!! I chose a combo of wedding photos and fun photos with friends. I wanted to get photos printed that brought me great joy. I decided on a photo of Fletch and I with Chris Carabba, a picture from my bachelorette party, Justin and I on a bridge, Fletch and I with our dessert table, Troy and I at the wedding, Fletch and I at Cameron and Katie’s wedding, Rosie, Tez, and I in Seattle, Amber and I at the wedding, and of course Fletch and I at Comicon. The important stuff, you know?

These magnets exceeded my expectation. The pictures turned out great and the size is perfect!! I will definitely be buying more in the future (probably when I get more wedding photos).


What do you think? If you are interested in buying some then I have a treat for you!! Β PicStick is giving you 25% off on your purchase with discount code CUTIE25. Buy some adorable magnets and then tell me what you think!!




This is a sponsored post from PicStick and all views expressed are my own.


15 thoughts on “Picture magnets from PicStick!

  1. You are always finding the most unique stuff. Do you know off hand how much a sheet costs? I need some also. Always great stuff. Thanks


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