Learning to let go…

Don't ruin a good today

I really need to take these words and eternalize them. I hold on to stuff. I let the troubles of yesterday effect my today. It happens all too often!

In the recent years I have done a better job at letting most crappy incidents go. I applaud myself for those little victories. The issue is that I still allow stuff under my skin. I have a hard time letting go when it is between myself and a close friend. When I feel as though a friend has wronged me then I hold onto that pain and allow it to effect how I interact with that person in the future.

If I learn to let it go then I wouldn’t have all of that anger and pain built up inside of me. Now, I am not saying I want to forgive everyone and allow them to treat me poorly. Not at all. But those moments when someone hurts my feelings unintentionally, well, those are the situations I want to learn to let go.

After I express my feelings I should be be able to move forward and leave it in the past. But I can’t. That is what I need to fix.

let it go

Do you do this?



3 thoughts on “Learning to let go…

  1. I LOVE Frozen and Let It Go! ❤ It's a wonderful reminder to not stress so much, especially about things we have no control over or can change. I can relate to letting the past bring up sad memories, I mean, I am still upset at my childhood friend basically ditching me to be friends with the girls in the popular girl group. =( Bitch. See!? lol. I'm probably not the best person to ask about this. lolol. Love ya, Hilary!! I say feel your feelings but don't let it get in your happiness!


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