My love of Kate Nash

Warning: This is a song-heavy post. Prepare to dance around and get happy.

Kate Nash

My love of Kate Nash’s music began when I heard hers song “Foundations”. I loved her voice, her style, and of course every song on her album. It was amazing!

Kate Nash 2

Kate is sassy, blunt, and unique. I seriously cannot express enough how much I love her music. It has changed since that first CD I fell in love with but I still enjoy everything she puts out. She has continued to hold true to those features that first attracted me to her sound.

Most Recent:

Is there an artist that you still love throughout their music changes?



7 thoughts on “My love of Kate Nash

  1. I really like “Foundations” too, it’s such a great song! I’m trying to think of all the bands that I like and whether they’ve changed their sound entirely. The only one I can think of is an Aussie band called Eskimo Joe, and I love all their stuff; from their rock beginnings to their electro-pop sounding new stuff 🙂


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