The mass killing of spiders in my apartment

bravey on bug bombing

If you know me at all, which I hope by now we know each other pretty well, then you know I hate spiders. I mean HATE them. I try not to throw the word “hate” around too much but when it comes to these creepy crawlies I can’t help it.

So, when Fletch and I were moving into our apartment we were told that it would be cleaned up and ready for us when it was time to move in. Two days before our lease was up at our old apartment we went over to the new place to check it out once more. There were spider webs ALL over the place. I mean EVERYWHERE! They had made this basement apartment their home and Fletch and I had to reclaim it.

We decided that it needed to be bug bombed. The bomb needed 24 hours to air out which meant we had to let the bomb loose the next day. Fletch was working so the responsibility of spider slayer was bequeathed to me. I am not going to lie. It was terrifying.

I have a theory that all spiders are friends and that when you kill one that the rest of the gang knows and then put you on their hit list. With that said I was worried that the spiders would decide that they wanted blood and it would be mine.

Back to the story at hand. I moved quickly. I was in. I laid out the large tarp, set off the bug bomb, and was out within five minutes. I ran out semi-rubbing myself because it felt like spider webs were all over me and I wanted them off.

After this incident I felt so incredibly brave. Similar to Bilbo’s adventure in The Hobbit or Harry Potter’s run-in with large spiders in Chamber of Secrets, I entered that apartment as a brave adventurer willing to do what I must.

We still have issues with spiders, you can read about them here and here, but overall it isn’t too bad. Prior to us inhabiting the apartment it had been vacant for six months so the demons claimed it as their own.

Now I just kill them as I see them. It works pretty well.

Have you ever had a brave moment? I bet you have. Tell me about it!



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