Finding bravery in others

be brave

My friend  recently cut off a good chunk of skin while cutting some paper with an exacto knife. First let me tell you that I do NOT handle blood well. I get woozy, I lose my hearing, and then I faint. It is not fun. (Note here that you should not rely on me in an emergency situation involving bleeding wounds. I warned you.)

I heard her squeal in pain and jumped up to help. A tissue was quickly applied to the boo-boo and she was taken off to be fixed.

Why do I bring this up? Well because it amazes me that after experiencing, what I consider to be, a traumatic experience she is right back at it cutting paper, using that darn exacto. When I found a spider in the toilet I couldn’t pee in that stall for weeks! Even now I check before I sit for fear of finding a demon in the form of a spider down there (click here for the post about it).

She is braver than me. She took her fear and laughed at it. She didn’t let it get the best of her which made me reflect on my own experiences. I thought back to all of the things I’ve done where I was injured or hurt (physically and emotionally) and how those little moments effected my life for the future.

I remember a specific instance from high school. I had on a super cute brown Entrust t-shirt with my black Volcom pants and a hot pink ribbon tied around my neck as a necklace. I felt killer in that outfit! I was at school feeling like a million bucks when a girl told me I couldn’t wear black and brown together. She told me I looked ridiculous and it was a fashion faux pa. Her words hurt so much that to this day I feel self conscious when I wear ANY brown with ANY black. I allowed one little interaction with a person determine what I would wear for the next ten years.

THAT IS RIDICULOUS! I don’t even talk to that girl anymore. We aren’t even friends on Facebook. Why do I care about that?

Answer: I shouldn’t!! It doesn’t matter. If an outfit makes me feel awesome then great! I should wear it!

I know the situations are a bit different but her facing her fear and getting back on that horse made me feel compelled to do the same. So here goes.

This is me in brown and black and I don’t even care!!!


Have you ever experienced something like this?

life is short



17 thoughts on “Finding bravery in others

  1. You know what I have to say about that? FARK THAT NOISE! Wear what you like and tell that girl to TAKE A SEAT! I love “clashing” colours and believe if you are confident with what you’re wearing it’ll look a million bucks! And remember YOU ARE HOT! That is all xo


  2. In my early high school years a “friend” gave me a Christmas Card, inside it said, “Inside every fat person is a skinny person screaming to be let out, Merry Christmas”. I think I was 13, around the same time my best friend was quite waif-like, some kids took to calling us “Fatty” & “Skinny” (original right?!). Interestingly it was around this time that I started developing Bulimia Nervosa. This is an extreme example of what kids can do to one another, but I think you are so right, careless and cruel remarks can affect people well into adulthood.


  3. You look amazing in black and brown, and I think that color combo is so cute! Esp with brown boots and all black, which is what I plan on wearing when it gets cooler here! =) That girl in high school saw how happy and beautiful you were in that outfit and she totally said that to make you feel bad and make herself feel better. Whatever!!


    • Aw thanks honey!! You are too sweet. 🙂 I know it is silly to let such a silly remark affect me but it still does. Even while taking that photo I was a bit uncomfortable with the color combo. I’m just glad that I recognize it so I can work on it and learn to only care about what I think. Not about what others think. If it makes me happy then that is all that matters. 🙂

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      • I don’t think it’s silly at all! Words stick like that since she was being judgy and rude. I’m sorry she was mean to you!! Rock that brown and black outfit with confidence, Hilary!! ❤ ❤ Your style is what makes you YOU! My sisters and some friends do not prefer pink at all! But I still have at least 3 pieces of pink on my person at all times! lolol =)


  4. I recently went to my friend’s football match on a gorgeous sunny day in spring. The grounds were green, the whistle was shrill, the sky was blue – and then suddenly, and earth shattering crack splintered the air. The goalie collided with another player and snapped both bones in his leg. Amidst the screaming, the cries from the sidelines and the yells from his teammates, I thought I was going to be sick! It took half an hour for my nausea to subside – meanwhile, the poor lad was carted off in an ambulance! I have a pathetically weak stomach, and I’m sure I’d have reacted in the exact same way that you did!


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