Feminism is not a dirty word.

Kate Nash feminist quoteI was looking through Pinterest, as I often do, and found a link to 25 feminist quotes. I loved reading them and decided to share my favorite by Kate Nash and my thoughts on the subject.

I often feel like people misunderstand the terms “feminism” and “feminist”. As a feminist I do not hate men. I don’t hate feminine women, I am one! I believe that all people should be equal. That women should no longer be seen as objects solely put on this earth for male’s pleasure. Is that so radical? Watch 30minutes of television and you will see in shows and advertising the objectification of women. Turn on the radio and you will hear it in popular songs like, “Blurred Lines”.

You see it in how survivors of rape are treated. When someone asks a survivor what she was wearing they are placing the blame on the victim instead of the perpetrator and again downgrading women. We have thoughts. We have a voice to lend to society and when we are called bitch, slut, skank, whore; that is objectification. Those words say that we are worth less than the person saying it. The same is said when we as women say it about other women. We do it because we want to make ourselves feel better or as worth more. Why do we do it? Why do we lend a hand to the misogyny already ramped in our society? It is just ridiculous!

Why don’t we instead raise each other up? Lets encourage one another to do more. To be more. We should be telling each other that we are worthy of space instead of discouraging loud voices and opinions.

I am a feminist because I believe that I deserve to be treated as more than “just” a woman. I am a human being with opinions, thoughts, and I have a lot to offer the world.

We need to start at the source and make sure that all people understand the value of others.

The role of being a feminist isn’t something that solely belongs to women. Everyone needs to be a feminist. We all need to say enough is enough and speak up against the inequality in our society.

Not convinced? Maybe these videos will help.

I am not a country fan but I appreciate this song.

This lady is intelligent and hopefully will help explain feminism.



2 thoughts on “Feminism is not a dirty word.

  1. That first video is amazing! My boyfriend considers himself as a feminist too. I hate how I feel scared and objectified walking around in public, that’d probably why I have some social anxiety. I shouldn’t have to feel on edge, and nobody should.


    • That is a good video, right?! My husband is also a feminist. If he wasn’t we may have problems. 🙂

      You absolutely should be able to walk down the street without being harassed. Everyone deserves to feel safe.


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