Veronica Mars

Fletch and I have been re-watching one of my favorite shows, Veronica Mars. The show follows Veronica Mars, the daughter of former town sheriff turned private investigator. After Veronica’s best friend, Lilly, is murdered she sets out to find her killer.

There is drama, intrigue, and suspense. Veronica’s sarcasm provides some much needed humor to an often times dark television show.

Veronica MarsI adore Kristen Bell in this show. She fit the character of Veronica Mars perfectly. She was witty, smart, interesting, and made me truly believe she was a teenage investigator solving crimes and getting revenge on crappy boyfriends. She was the young woman that I wanted to be. She was strong, unapologetic, and followed her gut. She made hard decisions because she knew she had to do what was right.

veronica mars is a marshmallow

If you need a show to get addicted to I definitely recommend this one. Watch it then tell me what you think.

Are you a big Veronica Mars fan?




4 thoughts on “Veronica Mars

  1. I was reluctant to watch this show because I thought it was going to be juvenile or melodramatic, but I was so glad I watched it, because it ended up being really terrific. Very clever, always surprising, and great to see a strong, smart lead female character.

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