My long drive from California to Washington and getting pulled over by the cops

During college I drove to California from Washington and back to visit my parents over the summer. The journey was made in my little grey Scion, packed to the top with all of my college stuff. I was starting my junior year of college and would be managing the student radio station.

The previous year the staff and volunteers decided to vote on a catch phrase. We all settled on, “better than a buttery stack of flapjacks.” Possibly the best tagline for a radio station. Ever. I was brainstorming on what we could do to really promote the station and raise awareness and we decided that we should create a flapjack costume to hand out pens with the phrase on them. The ultimate goal was to have every new PLU student using a KCCR pen. I drove back to school with my car packed and the flapjack costume sitting on the very top of all of my stuff.

The drive was long and my friend, Beth, and I were getting tired through Oregon. We had only 30 minutes left until our hotel when the officers pulled us over. I had never been pulled over before and I was very nervous. The officers came up with their flashlights, because it was very dark at this point, and asked for my license and registration. I was so nervous I handed him my stuff and said, “I think that is right. Is that right? This is my first time.” The police officer on my left chuckled and said, “yes it is,” then walked back to the car.

The second officer started flashing the flashlight in the backseat. He asked what was on the top of everything. Being nervous I responded with, “Well see I am the general manager of my student radio station back at school in Washington, where we are heading, and our station’s tagline is ‘better than a buttery stack of flapjacks’ so we decided we should have a flapjack hand out the pens we had made and so we are now driving there and we are only 30 minutes away from our hotel and we are tired and would like to get  to our hotel.”By now the other officer was back.

Well the officer I spoke to laughed at my long winded response and told me that I was going 60 in a 45mph zone. I froze. Oh my goodness. I had no idea!! It was dark and I was keeping an eye out for speed limit signs but I never saw one that changed to 45. I explained that to the police officers and apologized profusely for speeding. I honestly had no idea. They told me that it was a windy, dangerous road and to be careful. They would let us go on a warning as long as we drove the speed limit and remained safe. I was so thankful for their understanding. I was so scared the rest of the drive of getting pulled over that I went 5mph under the speed limit.

I think they partially let us off because of my nervous rambling.

flapjack Signature


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