Pin of the Week: Don’t be ashamed of your story

don't be ashamed

I sometimes question whether I should post something. Even though I feel strongly compelled to write about a specific topic I may decide not to post about it because I fear how it will be perceived. When I wanted to write about being a feminist I really struggled with the decision to post it or not. There is a HUGE stereotype associated with the word feminist and I was worried I would lose the respect of my readers. I was worried I would alienate myself. Ultimately I decided to put it out there and after it was posted I was really happy I did. It allowed me to connect with people on a different level.

My feminist side is a huge part of who I am as a person. It dictates which curse words I try to avoid (like bitch or dick because it is gender specific, I opt for asshole), it influences which songs I listen to (Robin Thicke is not an artist I respect), and which movies I support. I decided to share that side about me because I hoped it would empower someone else to do the same.

I love blogging because it gives a face to different struggles that people face on a daily basis. Whether that is posting about your abuse, your crippling anxiety, or your hopes for the future, it opens up the door for a discussion to take place. Your words may inspire those that read them.

That is the power of blogging and that is the power of a word. You have the ability to make this world a better place. Don’t take that for granted.



5 thoughts on “Pin of the Week: Don’t be ashamed of your story

  1. AWESOME post Hilary. I recently wrote about being a feminist too – there must be something in the water! It’s such a powerful issue – and it doesn’t get enough limelight, in my opinion!


    • Thank you! When I first wrote about being a feminist I was worried that it would scare people off.. Then I realized that I wouldn’t be presenting my authentic self if I didn’t! I will have to read your post too! Have you read the blog Wandering Past on blogger? Delores made a feminist wish list that had a ton of really cool items! You should check it out! 🙂


  2. Love it! And you should never be afraid of your story or saying something, especially if it comes from the heart! And you are right about the importance of not taking this for granted. Words and ideas can change the world (sorry I saw “Dead Poets Society” recently) and we definitely can contribute a verse.


    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my post! I believe that some people don’t understand the power they posses. A comment encouraging a rape survivor or a show of support during a difficult struggle could mean the world to a fellow human being. We should all use our words to bring about positive change and to inspire others.

      By the way, “Dead Poets Society” is one of my favorite movies!


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