I Found My Vintage Camera Heaven!

Hello Lovelies,

I may have found vintage camera heaven in the form of an Etsy store. Sherry runs and owns High Places Photography. She sells photography, photography-related items, and cameras that she restores.


Sherry reached out to me on my blog letting me know that I may enjoy her shop. She was absolutely right! I opened up the link to her shop and was AMAZED at the quality of cameras she is selling. I am used to taking my chances when buying online but I could tell she cared for her cameras. Sherry promises to tell you exactly what you are getting so you won’t have any surprises when you open up your package. She has put love into each of her store items and it shows in each item description and in the care she takes for cleaning and restoring the cameras.

Kodak Hawkeyes

The store started as a place for Sherry to sell her photography. As time went on she decided to add vintage cameras to the shop. She noticed that, while there are a ton of cameras out there, that most sellers don’t list the condition. Sherry decided to purchase vintage cameras, clean, repair them, and sell them to fellow collectors. She knew that it would be an appreciated this service. Again, she was right!

Green Imperial

I am so glad I had the opportunity to not only browse Sherry’s shop but to also get to know the amazing talent behind the store. When I opened up her link I literally squealed. She even has the Kodak Hawkeye Pocket that I want (referenced in my vintage camera wish list).

Kodak Hawkeye pocket

These cameras are absolute gems. If I wasn’t a month out from my wedding I would probably buy at least five.. or more. For now I will have to settle on one beauty. I plan on buying one ASAP but I first need to make a decision on which one I want the most. I am so excited to get it and then share with you!



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